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The Kurdistan Flag explained


The Kurdistan Flag was first used to represent the independence movement and the Kurds hard struggle for their independence from the clutches of the Toman Empire. The Kurdistan Flag was first used by the brave leaders of the Khoyboun. In 1920, the Kurdistan Flag was displayed to members in the international delegation, this happened at the famous Paris Peace Conference.

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Subsequently, this made a plan in order to help the Kurdish establish independence. The Khoyboun first proclaimed the formation of their first ever “Kurdish Government in Exile,” under the Kurdistan Flag, in 1927. They ended up battling in a long war that finally ended in 1932. Their independence had been taken away since the year 1848.

The Kurdistan Flag, also known as the “sunny flag,” was first brought into parliament in 1946, during the establishment of the Republic of Kurdistan at Mehabad.


Now, the third and current version of the flag is being used by all Kurds.


The Kurdistan Flag and It’s History

The Kurdish Flag has now been enthroned by the blood of the Kurdish patriots from this current century, the thousands of human lives that were taken during the battle for independence is represented by the Kurdish Flag. Not surprisingly, the president of the Republic of Kurdistan and his entire council were hanged because of this flag, by the enemy. The Kurdish Flag was flying high during the current events.

  • Dersim being immolated in 1938.
  • When the hurt, brave soldiers were laid on stretchers and then presented to a firing squad in 1980.
  • When innocent Kurdish lives were taken, being gassed in their towns in 1988.
  • Millions of people were pushed out of their homes and villages in 1989.

It still remains standing proud today, even after ten years of losing the war and their independence, they are still pushing forward and flying the Kurdish flag high.

  • Red, symbolizes the blood of the martyrs and the continued struggle for freedom and dignity.
  • White, represents peace and equality.
  • Yellow, represents the source of life and light of the people. 21 sunrays represent Newroz, 21th of March.
  • Green, represents the beauty and landscapes of Kurdistan.

Kurdische Flagge Kaufen